Keep Calm & Carry On

Keep Calm & Invest On...😂 The market will always have ups and downs. We can't do anything about that. We can only control our own emotions, and more importantly what we invest in. Calmness comes from knowing your investment thesis. If you don't know what you stand for, you will fall for anything. As always, "Come for the laughs, stay for the fun times". #investing #investment #zen #calm #keepcalmandcarryon #alreadydown #down #joke

When You Take Things Too Literally...

Form Over Substance In investing as well as life in general, it helps to go for substance over form. In the case of Enron, they took form over substance to a whole 'nother level: “Say you have a dog, but you need to create a duck on the financial statements. Fortunately, there are specific accounting rules for what constitutes a duck: yellow feet, white covering, orange beak. So you take the dog and paint its feet yellow and its fur white and you paste an orange plastic beak

Are You A Long Term Investor?

Do You Walk The Talk? Many say they are long term investors, with a long term time horizon. Especially during bull markets. You only know who really walks the talk, when the music stops. Investing is more than the price quote, if you have an idea of the company being the price, the stuff the make, how they make money, and what they own - then you might not panic so much when shit hits the fan. Its human nature to panic during a market crash, you just have to know what you sta