It's Inevitable

Where Did That Bring You...Back To Me... Your investment journey is a marathon, not a sprint. It might take awhile, but you need to find a style you are comfortable with. Otherwise by chasing fads...the outcome may be inevitable. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. As always, "Come for the laughs, stay for the fun times". #joke #comic #meme #stonks #fail #thanos #infinity #allin #memestonks #avengers #inevit


Leverage...It's Not Fun To Be On the Pointy Ends Of The Double Edged Sword To win, you got to stay in the game. Leverage sounds cool and sexy...but done excessively, it can also blow up your entire portfolio. It's not to say leverage alone is bad. A spoon alone doesn't make you fat. It's what you do with the spoon. Leveraging say 5% of your portfolio doesn't hurt you so much. But people tend to underestimate the risk and get greedy. Leveraging 100% of your portfolio, is way d

Investment Horizon

"A long term investment is a short term investment that failed". Be a long term investor the right way. Don't be a "long-term" investor by holding onto an investment that has gone so far south (both price and fundamentals) that at this point, whether you sell or not, it doesn't really matter. We can't have a 100% hit rate all the time. Even Warren Buffett had misses throughout his journey, most recently in the airlines. To be fair, he really did walk the walk, and those misse