Investing Life

I Didn't Choose The Investing Life, The Investing Life Chose Me...🤣 Investing is important. But there are also other things to life. Most of us invest to gain time, the freedom to do what we want, when we want. Try not to end up letting it engulf your entire life instead. Live a little. As always, "Come for the laughs, stay for the fun times". #investinglife #funny #cookiemonster #meaning #joke #investment


Leverage...It's Not Fun To Be On the Pointy Ends Of The Double Edged Sword To win, you got to stay in the game. Leverage sounds cool and sexy...but done excessively, it can also blow up your entire portfolio. It's not to say leverage alone is bad. A spoon alone doesn't make you fat. It's what you do with the spoon. Leveraging say 5% of your portfolio doesn't hurt you so much. But people tend to underestimate the risk and get greedy. Leveraging 100% of your portfolio, is way d

More Haste, Less Speed

Being Fast Is Not Always The Key Markets go up and down. You don't need to panic if you miss one opportunity, there will be others, maybe even as soon as the next day. Its better to go in after some research, than going all-in, in the dark - not likely to end well. If you don't know what you stand for, you will fall for anything. As always, "Come for the laughs, stay for the fun times". #fast #investing #funny #joke #comic #morehastelessspeed #report #analysis

Valuation...It's Magic

It's Not Looking Good If A Miracle Is The Key Variable Traditional companies with a steady source of cash flow and or tangible asset can be valued with either the P/E or P/B approach. Growth companies without earnings, could likely be valued with the P/S approach. But when new fancy new age valuation techniques get thrown in, "valuation per eyeballs", EV to EBITDA (and any other stuff you want to throw in), you should take it with a ladle of salt. And if it involves divine in

It's Time For A Good Meal

There's Things Other than the Food? Yup. Some have the door gift too. Jokes aside, if you are able to attend, it might be good to attend an AGM at least once to get a feel of things. This might not make or break your investment decision, but it could help you as one part of the puzzle. In the past, we might only be able to attend those locally. However with the situation now, it might actually be easier with virtual AGMs being a thing. The downside being no food or door gifts

Can't See The Forest For The Trees

Planning Is Good, But Not If You Can't See The Forest For The Trees Always do your research, but not to the point where you get stuck in the weeds and miss the big picture. Not everything that counts can bet counted, and not everything that can be counted counts. As always, "Come for the laughs, stay for the fun times". #lost #investing #planning #bigpicture #funny #comic