Investing is serious stuff, while you are at it, why not have some fun along the way?

After close to a decade in the investment world, we came to understand that investing is a lifelong journey, a never-ending quest for continual learning and improvement. And other than learning from experience, the next best thing is through learning from the experience of others (sharing).

Investment Fun Times started out as a simple idea. By sharing investment concepts and experiences in a light-hearted manner, we hope to nudge people towards taking better interest of their investment adventures. 

What better way to drill key investment stuff than a comic strip of 3 - 4 boxes. It can't get any more concise or minimalistic than this. Looks like all those time reading comics was worth it.

Be it after a long day at work, in the midst of a long meeting, or if you just have a few minutes to burn during your MRT ride and want a laugh, Investment Fun Times is here for you. Everything here is based on real-life situations (some might be exaggerated by 10,000%).

On the other hand, for the serious investment stuff, you might want to check out the guys @valueinvestasia.